Saturday, February 12, 2011

Where did all the jobs go…..?

We build bigger and bigger machines, replacing human labor

We build more and more robots, replacing people

We choose to employ foreign labor

We buy cheap imported stuff at the big box store

We shop online and trade our money for cheap imports

We export our jobs and our money when we choose cheap imports

We have chosen to eliminate millions of jobs with our purchases

We need food, wood, and fuel – we can grow local food, wood, and fuel

We can choose to create new local jobs and keep our money close to home

We can choose to stop exporting our money and jobs – Buy Local Food & Wood

There is a major problem of the numbers of people currently needing a job, adding to that thousands of government workers who are being cut to trim budgets.  We can’t afford to put all these people on welfare – we need to put them to work with meaningful jobs.

Here is an idea that will help improve our local economies in many ways.

The bigger the corporation, the more skeptical I am of their presence and impact.
            The bigger the corporation, the worse the disaster
            The bigger the machine, the worse the impact on the environment
            When a big corp tries to get me do buy or do something – I do the opposite!
            Look at where the big corps have gotten us – see the trend
The bigger the corp – the bigger the recall and number of people made sick
They say small business is bad and less safe – raw milk…..
They have the political power to control the government
We can change the world with our purchases

Support Small Business 
If a few people here and there get sick, this is insignificant compared to a 22 state recall
    We hear of the big ecoli outbreaks every month

Government can’t create jobs unless it expands itself.  
The past two years of ‘stimulus’ has done little to create new jobs.

Government does ten times more things that discourage business than encourage it.

Republicans now vow to downsize government, eliminating thousands more jobs.
We need for people to be working to something positive
We don’t want people to be on welfare – welfare discourages jobs
Sales create jobs. 
Use what we have in our communities to meet local needs and we all win.
Mindlessly exporting our money for cheap imported products shoots us in the footure

We live in/or near a forest yet you buy your wood products from China??
Then complain about the lack of jobs in our local economy?  Crazy!!

The no tax increase mindset is an admission of total government failure to provide meaningful services.
No one wants to admit it but government services are disappointing and
Government workers should provide services that make the costs worthwhile
If government provided good services, everyone would be willing to pay their taxes and would feel they were getting a good return for their payments

Wisconsin furlough days are totally stupid.   If we had a responsible leader, the good workers would be kept working and the ineffective ones would be cut.  Stopping everyone to save money shows no one knows if anyone is doing anything right. 
There is no responsible training, supervision, oversight, in our government
No one can criticize in the government as it is nearly all ineffective and ready to crumble
Things are proceeding as long as possible before the major collapse and bankruptcy

There are some things that government can and should do best – maybe??
Private business may be the answer to everything – we should just hire the best

We need a strong leader
We need to be self sufficient
We need to make wise decisions

Government is not the answer to the problems –  all they can do is try to play catch up
People control things now – instantly with their actions

We just have to learn to work together, informed….  In contact.

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